Digital transformation benefits accelerated with product engineering

Digital transformation benefits accelerated with Product Engineering

Our latest Executive Insights article explores Prakat’s experience in accelerating digital transformations through product engineering.
Growing through global capacity centers

Growing Through Global Capability Centers

Executive insight: capitalize on cost advantages at huge scales and lead the process of worldwide expansion by growing through Global Capability Centers.
Agile testing best practices

Agile Testing: Best Practices

Have you ever wondered why Agile Testing is so popular these days? Read our latest Executive Insights article to learn more about this methodology and discover the best practices to remember when using agile testing.
First person experience data literacy webinar

First-Person Experience: Data Literacy Webinar

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a webinar entitled, “The Staunch Need of Data Literacy – Unleashing the Power of Data Science.” The informative webinar discussed various topics, all of which were extremely valuable, particularly in this digital-first day and age

Applying Gender to Financial Inclusion

Yesterday I was part of a UNCTAD Trade Policy Dialogue that discussed the gender dimensions of financial inclusion. The discussion focused on initiatives and measures, with a view to identifying further needs, gaps and bottlenecks as well as implications for future action. My own experiences as part of Prakat...