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Prakat offers consulting, implementation and support services with end-to-end testing. The BFSI industry has adapted software testing services for a seamless workflow in recent times. The industry faces various challenges and constraints while implementing latest technologies and dealing with legacy applications. Prakat specialized in end-to-end testing of BFSI applications such in Retail banking, Corporate Banking and Net banking. Our skilled team brings expertise in automation tools, technologies and knowledge across the BFSI industry. Our optimum repository of test cases enables us to provide you low cost banking application testing services,excellent QA consulting and timely delivery . Our experience with a wide range of banking applications has given us a good handle on Retail banking applications, corporate banking applications and online banking applications. We deliver seamless support with unique perspective methodologies of Functional testing, Non-Functional Testing and Automation testing.

Ecommerce / Retail

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Retailing in the current generation has added challenges because consumers shop in physical and online stores through a computing or mobile device. Customers with the flexibility of online shopping expect 24/7 shopping experience and also expect the same level of service they are used to traditionally. Losing customers is easy because all it takes is a touch of a mouse or screen when the competitor offers a better shopping experience.
To stay ahead of competition, retail companies are formulating innovative approaches to create shopping experience for their customers at a physical or online store, so as to swiftly adapt to market trends. With emerging technology trends and multiple customer touch points, retailers falter in meeting performance and security challenges and lose customers. Prakat assists retailers across the Testing lifecycle of their systems, by implementing industry best practices to verify and validate these systems before migration to production.
Internet enabled and Backend systems are validated against Functional,Performance, Security benchmarks apart from end-to-end integration testing of the POS, Order Management and Fulfilment, Supply Chain systems to improve the stability and customer experience once they go live.


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Healthcare providers rely on a variety of software applications to meet the challenges of operational efficiency and compliance. They are embracing technology to streamline operational efficiencies to better serve their patients, meet regulatory compliances and also drive down healthcare costs. To achieve these goals, the technology and applications must be robust and stable with minimal downtime.
In the case of some of the applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR), where patient’s personal information is stored electronically, data can be transferred electronically or viewed online. Billing systems verify patient eligibility and receive reimbursement for the services provided. Medical Practice Management system optimizes appointment and accounting workflows in a medical practice and can be integrated with the billing system to create further efficiencies. Lab Information Systems (LIS) are designed to manage clinical data (lab results), administrative data (doctors, activities, turnaround time) and financial data (costs per test, per request)., An LIS is often integrated with instruments and other information systems.


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Public services are now undergoing transformational shifts from being slow and inefficient to faster and more efficient service delivery. The services offered becoming customer centric rather than department centric, like any other industry embracing technology, has made the transition a little smoother and faster. Services like tax collection, land records management and, passport services have been fully or partially automated, so the citizen can use these convenient services rather than wait in a long line at a government office.