Prakat has been part of the ecosystem of giving back to the society and nature from which we borrow so much. Our social vision of inclusivity has driven us to put our techonological capabilities towards creating accessible solutions for the differently abled. One of our core service offerings being accessibility assurance, we help people with various types of disabilities (like visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities) get access to technology products. We have also been recognized for employing differently in order to bring them into the fold of mainstream technology workforce. We have partnered with a Bangalore based NGO, Mitra Jothi since our early days. Mithra Jyothi has been doing inspiring work, empowering the visually challenged with life skills to help them integrate with the main stream society. They undertake various types of trainings on which we collaborate with them as often as possible.


  • Visually challenged youngsters from various parts of India, are trained on Software Development Life cycle and Accessibility Testing, which gives them an overview of vocational opportunities before them. They then can choose to attend advanced courses on those topics to enable them to seek jobs in those fields.
  • We work with multinational companies and stress the need to make their communication is accessible to all. For example, e-commerce sites and government sites.
  • Education Sponsorship for Vidyadhaan School Students. Mar 2016
  • Donations to Mitra Jyothi in May 15, an organization whose objective is to integrate persons with disability into mainstream society, registered under Indian Trust Act.
  • Charity towards Natural Calamities, like Uttarakhand Flood Relief June 2013 and Nepal Tragedy sent through Rotary Club Bangalore in April 2015
  • Charity run – refer news Shristi Charity -5K Run, Pinkathon.
  • SOS Children’s Villages of India on 16th Feb’15
  • Prakat is a part of Mahadevpura Parisara Samrakshane Mattu Abhivrudhi Samiti. 13th Jan’15.
  • Charity for saving the Gaikonda Sarjapur lake upliftment Jan 2015
  • Participated in Bangalore Marathon (Shristi Run) to help under privileged children’s during Oct’14