Product Engineering

Prakat as an organization has always been focusing on tools and technology to enable swifter and seamless project delivery to its clients and customers. Taking this effort further Prakat has indigenously built a strong team of product development professionals. This team has expertise in .NET, Java, MS Sharepoint among others. Prakat’s product development initiatives are largely focused on developing products for the internal usage leading to better project delivery for customers. However, Prakat as an organization identifies the importance of customer requirements. In order to be a niche market player, Prakat provides the access of this product development team to its strategic long term customers.

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With experienced technical evangelists as leaders at Prakat, our vision has been to progressively identify opportunities to develop newer products addressing various internal and external customer requirements. These products would complement our existing service offerings and largely bridge the gap between requirements and availability. Some of these products have already been in use and implemented at customer locations.

Why Prakat for DevOps?

Prakat comes with broad Application Development experience across Packaged Software, Custom Web & Mobile Applications, Data & Application Integration and Legacy Systems Prakat also has deep Infrastructure experience in installing and maintaining all components including Hardware, Operating System, Software, Network, Virtualization and Cloud. Ability to support Full Life Cycle Management - Design, Build, Quality Assurance, Deployment and Maintenance. Strong abilities in setting up processes with Automation and Reusability. Top-notch problem solving skills in Diagnosis and Remediation. Advanced competencies in System Integration, Open Source Technologies and Cloud.

Flexi Engagement Model

  • 30%-40% cost reduction
  • Better efficiency and focus
  • Better Time-to-market
  • Impartial results
  • Combination of technical expertise with Agile
  • Economic efficiency with lean Start-Up Principles

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