Prakat was launched in 2009 by woman entrepreneur and thoroughbred Software testing industry professional, Anuradha Biswas, after her successful stint as the co-founder of the Software Testing Services group at Infosys where she was recognized for growing the group to over 8000 people in a span of about 8 years and to a revenue of over $350 Million. She brought to Prakat, nearly 20 years of strong and diverse management experience in organization building, service portfolio creation, business planning, enabling the sales force, skills development etc. She has been an evangelist for independent testing through her journey when customers were outsourcing the entire lifecycle and not paying specific attention to testing. Prakat’s management team is a blend of highly experienced and capable individuals who have to come together to create an organization that makes a tangible difference in the testing space and truly delivers value to clients and partners, employees, investors and the society.


The founders of Prakat came together in 2009 to create an organization that focusses on innovation, and change the way testing services are delivered. They recognized that the industry lends itself to applying technology for enhancing productivity, and building the right tools for increased efficiency was the way forward. The inherent lack of a converged approach to product quality, product architecture, technology, infrastructure and testing, and the need for taking technology closer to business inspired the founders to create Prakat. We are not only an emerging leader in the area of Quality Assurance with a strong Test Engineering and Technology foundation, but over the years, we have grown in strength in our core offerings in end-to-end testing services while making forays into DevOps, Cloud computing, Product engineering and Data analytics. We have rapidly expanded our expertise to more and more diverse domains like Banking and Financial Sector, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Legal and IT Infrastructure.


The biggest motivation behind Prakat has been to bring back the focus on people. Our vision has been to create value for people- customers, employees and investors, through innovation and a pioneering disruptive delivery approach. In addition to the traditional way of executing projects, Prakat has been advocating a massively distributed delivery model (based on feasibility for specific engagements). The teams are geographically distributed across the world to tap the right people who can add value to a project and all this is held together with a sophisticated workbench developed by Prakat. We believe in our team and invest in mentoring them on new technologies as well as soft skills, helping them build overall competencies and not just technical skills. It is no wonder that clients have repeatedly acknowledged Prakateers’ high degree of ownership and responsibility in every project.


Another central motivation behind conceiving Prakat was to combine our core social vision with our technology competence to deliver meaningful solutions and services. Prakat is a recognized thought leader in the area of Accessibility. Our strong commitment to the social vision of inclusivity has kept us focused on building accessible solutions while solving tactical and strategic pain points for our customers. In keeping with our focus on people, employing differently and enabling our Clients and Partners to do so is another approach to Accessibility that we focus on. We have worked with government and non-governmental organizations as well as clients and partners towards enabling (through training and mentoring programs) and employing the visually challenged, bringing them into the fold of the mainstream technology workforce.


Today, we are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with 20+ Clients, including Fortune 1000 Companies as well as small and medium businesses, specializing in Test Advisory and Engineering, Accessibility Engineering, Product Engineering and Application Modernization. We have spread to three global locations, Fort Worth, TX, Denver, CO and Bangalore, India. We are growing in both domain specific as well as technology expertise. We believe we can revolutionize and lead the way technology solutions are delivered as we humbly listen to and learn from our employees, customers, partners, investors and competitors. Our goal has been to constantly seek out newer challenges, solve bigger problems through innovation- for customers as well as the society, and continue to test the limits.